about Hannah Boulter
Hi There!

My name's Hannah Boulter, I'm 25 years old and reside in Cheshire in the United Kingdom.
My passion lies firmly in art and design, with my Etsy store 'hannahdoodle' being primarily a textile adventure, but I also enjoy watercolour painting and drawing digitally.

Most of my days consist of sitting in my craft room sewing, packaging and sending orders, but I also appreciate designing and testing new products, interacting with other creatives online and spending too much time browsing the Etsy forums.

Other than the arts, I have a love for cooking and baking (mostly eating food other people have cooked and baked, though), computer gaming and good TV (we really are spoilt for quality now aren't we?).

This blog is a place where I can self reflect and post about things that interest and inspire me, artists and crafters I admire, as well as the projects I'll be working on. I am a bit of a homebody, so unfortunately there probably won't be many epic travel tales, but there will be plenty of green tea and sewing.

Thank you for reading!

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