DIY Organising

These past few weeks leading up to Christmas I've spent a lot of time trying to find ways to organise my room. Buying lots of pretty supplies as well as making bigger items has lead to a cluttered room and lack of space! Often things end up being thrown into draws and everything turns into big messy piles.

A few months ago I bookmarked a project found on a blog called IHeart Organising (which contains all the inspiration you could need for an organised home). The project was for Cereal Box Drawer Dividers, and I decided to start hoarding cereal boxes recently to try to tidy up one of my most used desk drawers. I used Christmas wrapping paper for the project because I bought rolls that were a massive 12m each!
It may still look messy, but trust me when I say it's a lot neater than it was before! I can now find things so much faster and feel happy when I slide open the drawer to see that everything is still in it's designated separator. I really liked this project because it used things that I already had around the house that may have otherwise been thrown into the recycling bin.

Thanks for the great DIY project Jen!
If you'd like to recycle some old boxes and give this project a go, the tutorial can be found here.


  1. It looks neat! I love using/re -purposing old boxes, my craft shelf is full of those, I never buy those expensive paper boxes sold on stores, it is so much economical+green+crafty when you recycle the stuff u already have! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. That is wonderful! There's a great feeling that comes from recycling things and being crafty/thrifty at the same time :)

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  3. I Heart Organizing is one of my favorites. Your project turned out great! I have a similar system in my desk drawers.