It's finally December! Polymer Clay Ornaments + Stamps

It's the 1st of December! December is certainly the best month of the year. (definitely not bias with it being my birthday month) Time to open those advent calendars and haul the Christmas tree down from the attic. So far I'm pretty behind on the gift giving front, having only picked up a few small presents, I need to get myself in gear and do some shopping!

One of the things I'd like to do this year is to make my own Christmas Cards. I thought it would be worth investing in some stamps and found a lovely set on ebay.
I really like the box they came in, it's a little vintage looking, now I need to find some space in my room to put it, eep.

This set comes with 70 stamps, I was tempted to buy a set with just uppercase letters, but thought it would be worth investing in one which has lowercase too, also numbers and some symbols. I'm sure they'll be useful for some future projects!

The first thing I used the stamps for ended up being these Polymer Clay ornaments.
I'm hopefully going to make a personalised one for each of my family members to put on the Christmas tree this year. I think they make a nice little gift, and it's lovely receiving handmade presents. :)

 There are plenty of great tutorials online explaining how to make these, they're pretty simple to create only really requiring some Polymer Clay and a tool to make impressions with, but I think they turn out nicely! Especially when you paint over the impressions with a little acrylic paint and rub it off, it makes them look quite rustic.

I used ribbon recently purchased from Wilkinsons, you get a massive 4 metres of it for £1, which is a really cheap price! I've paid a little more for a similar ribbon on ebay. I'll have to stock up on this while I can for future ornaments.

Here's a list of links to some of my favourite Clay Ornament tutorials online:

Happy making everyone, and happy December!

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