100% Wool Felt from CloudCraftShop

A few days ago I ordered some 100% wool felt from CloudCraftShop on Etsy.
I was curious to compare the quality of 100% wool felt and the quality of the felt I currently use, which is 40% wool.
CloudCraftShop is based in the UK which meant that I received the package really quickly, two days after I ordered. I purchased 10 sheets of wool felt and a swatch sheet in case I wanted to purchase felt from there in the future. These sheets are really useful, I have one from the website I currently buy my felt from and they're so lovely to have because everyone's monitor displays are different and you never know what colour you're going to get. The swatch sheet eliminates this problem.
First of all what I noticed when I touched the felt was how it was a lot more rigid in comparison to the felt I currently use. I wasn't sure what to think of this at first, but personally I find the softness of the current felt a bit of a disadvantage when cutting it. With the 100% wool felt it's easier to cut it accurately and therefore you'll save on material in the long run.
CloudCraftShop also offers flecked felt which I thought looked wonderful and different. I chose the colour 'Mother Rabbit' to try it (the grey-ish felt shown above) and I couldn't be happier with it. I've already made a few things and I've nearly run out of the sheet already!
100% wool felt cuts like a dream, it's easier to stitch neatly together and I imagine will hold it's shape for longer under a bit of wear and tear. The only negative to it is that it's more expensive than felt which contains less wool, but I may have to add a few more sheets to my collection..

Overall I'm extremely pleased with my order and if you're thinking of buying felt for crafts anytime soon, CloudCraftShop is a great store to consider.

Hope you're all having a brilliant Friday!


  1. Hannah these are really cute!!! great job lady!

  2. Love that little fox, the proportions and teeny stitches are perfect. Jo x