Lately at hannahdoodle

I've had some new products in the works for a while, it was mainly a case of getting the pictures taken and putting them into the store. Here's my very pretty sister modelling them. (Thanks Abi!)

I thought of making sleep masks mainly because my sleep has been pretty terrible lately, various noises and lights shining through very thin curtains has meant that I wake several times most nights. Although they don't solve the noise problems they do nicely solve the light problem! I made a cute sleepy fox mask and an owl mask to start with. Luckily I had a lot of nice coloured fleece on hand which seemed a lot more comfy than the earlier felt patterns I tried drawing up.

I've also added some phone case/pouches to the store which have been finished for a good 2 months probably. (Oops, I blame bad photography lighting)

Overall, today has felt quite productive in certain ways, although I didn't actually make anything I did finish a lot of tasks that have been gnawing at me for a while. I also managed to fit in a nighttime jog which is becoming a daily regular and a nice overall workout afterwards.

I think the blog could do with a makeover next, it's feeling a little outdated to me now, that's a new task for tomorrow though!

Thanks for reading, take care


  1. Your fox mask is just adorable! I'm trying to work on product photography right now too...the worst part of selling online...ugh

    1. I agree! Sometimes the lighting just doesn't click, I've retaken my photos so many times

  2. Hannah these are super cute! The little sleeping fox mask...a must have!

  3. They are so cute and so neat! love them!

  4. I adore those sleep masks! I've been looking for a cute one for a while (I work night shifts and sleeping during the day is horrid, no matter how much I try I never seem to be able to block out the daylight) - ordering a fox mask now! :)