Looking After Your Hands, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cream

Winter has been harsh on my hands. I find lately I've been washing them a lot more than usual and this leaves them feeling quite dry. Most of my work also requires the use of my hands and my fingers often get caught with sewing needles (and occasionally scissors, I'm quite clumsy..)
I recently purchased some Cocoa Butter Cream from Palmer's to try to combat this.
I picked this up from my local Savers store and it cost me around £2, although you can also buy it from Boots online for slightly more.

I've heard great things about the moisturising properties of cocoa butter and this cream is really excellent for those problem dry areas such as hands and feet. It smells wonderful, a little like chocolate which is both good and bad because unfortunately it makes me want to eat chocolate even though I'm trying to stay away! It is a very thick cream, definitely not one for all over body moisturising, it's more of a target area cream. It blends in really nicely but takes a little bit of working in because it has such a rich consistency, and leaves my hands feeling very soft.

Overall I really like this cream. It's great that it comes in a smallish tube too because it means it's easy to pop it into your handbag without too much weight added. You also don't need to use too much at a time so I imagine it will last ages.

Do you pay special attention to skincare for hands?
Hope you're all having a wonderful day!

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