Digital Pet Portraits

I've been having fun drawing pets recently! Here's a digital drawing I did of my Collie Zoey and one of a gorgeous doggie called Khaleesi who's owner posted on the Reddit Gets Drawn subreddit.
I really enjoy digital art. I used to spend hours drawing on my computer and remember saving up for a Wacom tablet in my first year of University then falling in love with it. I miss it, I think it's taken a slight backseat to my sewing. It feels like my sewing has improved massively over the past few years, but with my digital drawing, it kind of seems a bit stagnant.

That's a problem I have a lot, instead of focusing on one thing and getting really excellent at it, I'm kind of average/good at most things I try, I just don't want to settle for one thing when there are so many cool medias out there to try! Do all creative people have this problem?

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!