Keeping Busy, Sleep Masks

Hello everyone! I've been trying to keep busy lately and add at least a few new items to the store every week, for some reason it's a lot harder than it sounds! There are so many distractions that come from working at home, someone always needs you for something or you can be easily distracted..
After ordering a few more colours of fleece, I went ahead and made a batch of different owl/fox sleep masks to add to the store. I wear an orange fox one most nights and it seems to help me sleep better since my curtains are practically transparent, the street and car lights from outside glare through and often make it hard for me to switch off.
I usually get my sister to model the masks for me since I'm not too keen on seeing my own face anywhere, but she was out and I really wanted to get them put on the store with someone wearing them. I think they turned out okay! I always feel like with items such as hats, masks, scarves, and general clothing it's nice to see what they look like on a person rather than being flat. I may retake them with someone else in the future but for now they will be fine in the store.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Happy Friday!


  1. It is amazing the effort it takes to make new things to put in the Etsy shop! I always underestimate and think I can get things done in a couple hours. Haha! The sleep masks are adorable! Great job. :)

  2. Oh my, I love these! I would totally wear the fox one- so cute!!