Buckle and Cog - Nottingham Based Handmade Watches

For my birthday at the very end of last year I received an Etsy gift card. (Thank you Thelma, Eric & Sophie!) It took me a good while to decide what I wanted to purchase with it. I changed my mind a few times but eventually settled on a watch I’ve been eyeing for ages from Nottingham based Buckle and Cog.
Buckle and Cog Watches Available
(3 of the watches available at Buckle and Cog)

What initially drew me to their designs were the bright patterned interchangeable fabric straps and that they are definitely a beautiful distinctive gem compared to the majority of resellers that seemed to come up in my Etsy search for watches.
Buckle and Cog Packaging
I ended up ordering this watch (£22) with ‘Galactic’ fabric and a white face, it arrived in a box wrapped in super cute colourful string.

Buckle and Cog Watch Packaging
The watch was well packaged and held in place utilizing perfect professional presentation, it also came with a handy card with tips on how to care for your new watch.

Galactic Watch Fabric
I love that each watch in the galactic family would look slightly different due to the pattern of the fabric. I picked this one mainly because it reminded me of the texture of watercolour paintings, and so it feels very ‘arty!’ Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

Watch on Wrist
It's definitely a statement piece, the watch face is a little bigger than what I’m used to but I think big watch faces are ‘in’ right now.
I have had it for a couple of months and due to the fabric strap it’s extremely comfortable to wear everyday.


I’m exceptionally happy with the watch I received from Buckle and Cog, it arrived very quickly, looks cute and I now have a stylish staple for my otherwise very unstylish wardrobe! I can’t wait to purchase some extra straps in the future to update my look.


  1. I love painterly type fabrics/prints like that in cool tones, so of course I think your watch is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful piece :)

    1. Me too! Painterly prints are the best. :)

  2. that is one cool watch! and i love your handmade shop too Hannah :)

  3. Ooooh! You had me at "new watch"! I'm a HUGE watch wearer. In fact, it's almost always my main accessory. I'd say my style is preppy/ boho, but I slap a big faced watch on to complete the outfit, almost every day. I love the watch you picked!! And what thoughtful friends to get an etsy gift card!

    1. I definitely share your love for watches but I'm so so picky! It's the one thing I'm really picky with accessory wise so when I saw this one I had to snap it up. It's awesome how putting on a watch can make an outfit feel 'complete' or more put together somehow. ❤