Super Blood Moon & Pretty New Blog Feature

Super Blood Moon 28 September 2015
I rarely sleep through the night without waking up anymore, so I thought I'd check out the 'Super Blood Moon' early this morning. (around 3.15am in the UK)

I struggled to take a good picture of it because of the light pollution, there are a lot of lamp posts outside my house so there's an orange tinge to the sky of the best picture I managed to get above. I suppose I'd probably have needed to be in a very dark area and with a better camera to take a really breathtaking photo, many of which are circling the web in the aftermath of the moon's ethereal orange glow.

Did anyone else manage to catch the Super Blood Moon?


Pretty New Blog
I've also recently been featured on the blog 'Pretty New' in a meet the maker style interview.
I'd love it if you could give it a read by clicking here!
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  1. I saw it in Portland, Oregon around 8 p.m. It was wonderful, and your photo is gorgeous!

    1. I'm so glad lots of people got to see it! Thank you Sharon

  2. amazing picture! suddenly the weather here was really cloudy and I couldn't see it!

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Zina, the clouds like to get in the way at the worst of times