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Perfect Pear Card hannahdoodle
I don't often look back at old work because I'm always so focused on moving forwards and creating new pieces. I recently reworked some old card designs to get printed and it's nice to see how things improve over time. My photography and editing has gotten a little better, the cards in the newer shots look less overexposed.

You're just my cup of tea greeting card
I've improved the colours, darkened and thickened the lines of the artwork and changed the text style.

You're my best friend cute card
Some designs haven't changed much, but little tweaks here and there are effective.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Card
My favourite rework so far is the new Happy Birthday card which features bold rainbow text and a happy dancing cupcake. I think the composition worked out well, and all the cards look a lot cleaner. I'll definitely be looking into redoing more older designs in the future!

Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. Cute drawings :)
    Maria V.