PopShopUK - Motivational Band-Aid Tattoos

I stumbled upon this perfect little set of temporary tattoos on Etsy after searching for something to pick me up from the beginning of winter blues.
PopShopUK focuses on self improvement and self care creations. The idea of these temporary tattoos with motivational quotes appealed to me, since I often get stuck in negative thought patterns.

They arrived very quickly in super adorable packaging!
PopShopUK Motivational Band-Aid Tattoos Packaging
There are a few different background styles for the tattoos, my favourite is probably the clouds, I do have a soft spot for clouds. 
PopShopUK Motivational Band-Aid Tattoos
The tattoo applied very easily and the package had clear instructions on the back. They are also very easy to remove and leave no marks.
PopShopUK Motivational Band-Aid Tattoo Applied
Whenever I catch a glimpse of it in the corner of my eye, I read the message and it makes me smile. Although I can't see myself ever getting a permanent tattoo, I have to admit it's a nice feeling having a positive message on hand as a reminder that you're worth something.

PopShopUK on Etsy
Motivational Tattoos By PopShopUK
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  1. These are super cute!!! I do want to get really tattoos someday but I also love playing with temporary ones!!!

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