Life in Progress

Although lately I've made steps to go further in life, getting a job, beginning to create art again, it appears as though I still have a long way to go. Like my paintings, things often seem static, similar subjects, forever owls.. But I've found if I look closely, I see that since the materials are superior, the results are crisper, things are clearer. 
I can feel slow progress on the way. My big goal over the next few years is to move out to a city in England somewhere. I'm hoping my art will help support me in doing this, at 22 I really feel at an age now where I shouldn't still be at home. I'd like to move out to a place of my own and settle down, bake lots of nice treats, decorate the place and adopt a lovely dog to take on walks. Typical things, really.

"It is tiring always stretching out for something that's just out of reach
But I'll get it
After all what I want isn't as easy as all that"

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  1. Very nice painting! You will get there Hannah (moved out) I have a 21 year old that lives at home while she goes to college and a 24 yr old that is home for the summer from Optometry school. She has her first own apartment (there at school) and it is so cute I am a bit jealous! I love having them home but know they can't wait to be out on their own too!