Sunny Day at Colwyn Bay

The past few days have actually been really lovely in the UK in terms of weather. It feels weird saying that! I think in general being outside in the sunshine has lifted up my spirits, I guess I'm at a time in my life currently where things feel very static and I'm itching for a bit of a change. I'm not very good at focusing on positives even though I know in my mind that's what I have to do, instead I get bad thoughts stuck and can't seem to shake them. 
There have been a lot of new exciting things happening recently as well though, things that make me believe there's a chance of some sort of progression in terms of moving out and living a life that a few months ago I didn't believe could ever exist.

Anyway, enough of this serious talk! Have a cute picture of Zoey in the car.

We ended up going to Colwyn Bay for a couple of hours before my mum had to head off to work, the sky was very blue and beautiful. It feels unusual to have weather so nice as it seems to have suddenly jumped from being chilly to 'woah it's so sunny I'm going to get burnt!' (again)

I can definitely see myself using some of these photographs as references for paintings, I'm really excited to use them!

The pier in Colwyn Bay is quite dilapidated, but it sure did look interesting from an artists' perspective. You're not actually supposed to walk under it I think because it's in such disrepair it could be dangerous, so the path underneath was blocked off in favor of one closer to the road. I've heard that recently it received a large grant to be restored which is fantastic, I really enjoy walking along the pier in Llandudno and it would be great to see another brilliant pier in North Wales.

There are a lot of little touristy seaside town type shops in Colwyn Bay, and after seeing this little fold up bag I couldn't resist getting it, I think more than anything it reminded me that I need to be extra determined and loving! After having a silly negative head the past couple of days I need to buck up my ideas, remind myself what I'm aiming for and go for it! (Also it's 5 pence for a carrier bag now in Wales, so from a practical standpoint I thought it was a good purchase too.)

After our walk we stopped off at Aldi to get some shopping, I am forever looking in the special buys of Aldi stores as you can find some real gems there. I picked up this running t-shirt for just £3.49 which is an amazing price! It fits really nicely and feels like it will breathe well while jogging, so I suppose I'd better get jogging then.

I also bought this loaf pan as I'm going to give bread making a go soon, it's only a half pan but it was on sale so I couldn't resist.. If anyone has any recipes they recommend I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know about them! I'll write soon about how it goes.

What a nice day.

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