Foodie Friday~ Scones

So I managed to miss Foodie Friday last week, but this week I've found a really easy recipe to try out!
I've made some pretty simple scones, I found the recipe here on the BBC food website. And as usual the way they turned out looks nothing like the picture provided. ;) 
(what made me laugh is they look more like burger buns)

I remember making scones when I was in school, they seem like one of those uncomplicated bakes that everyone has tried and it's difficult to mess it up too badly. I picked this recipe again due to it's simplicity, most of the ingredients if not all we would usually have in kitchen cupboards or in the fridge.

I also picked up a few different flavours of jam in small pots and some clotted cream from my local supermarket because although a small amount of ingredients is a good thing in my book, these scones definitely needed something to amp up the taste. I think next time I make them I'll put some dried fruit or chocolate chips in there!

(om nom nom)

If you'd like to bake some scones, the recipe can be found here.

If anyone has a scone recipe they recommend, please leave it in the comments below! I'd love to try some more recipes. :)
Enjoy the impending weekend!


  1. Your scones look delicious! I tried making them once myself, not a big success..

  2. Scones are yummy! These look great.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. This looks delicious! I attempted a scone recipe once, and it turned about abysmally! I haven't attempted it again, but these look so tempting!

  4. These look amazing! I heard scones are hard to make, but it looks like you did a wonderful job. Nom nom nom!

  5. Delicious! I should try the recipe, because whenever I made mine they didn't really turn out well. thanks for sharing