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I recently ordered some new things from that I'd love to tell you about today! are a printing company that enable people to get small and larger print runs of their paper products and business cards. Their printing method 'Printfinity' means that you can print a different photo or design on every business card, sticker or greeting card in a pack. No more being stuck with 100 of the same design, every single card has the potential to be a piece of art and the quality of the paper lives up to that.

My order consisted of;
50 x Matte Rounded Business Cards
100 x Matte MiniCards
2 x Sticker Books (with 90 stickers in each book)
25 Greeting Cards

I placed my order on the 28th of July and received everything on the 6th of August, just over a week, so a pretty fast turnaround!

Matte Rounded Business Cards Business Cards Packaging
The packaging for the business cards is very sturdy, and easily protected them against damage in transit. The cards come with a little extra, a lovely note that you're meant to pass on to other people, a pretty cool idea!

Moo Business Cards Rounded Corners
You can get one design on the front of each card, best for your info, but the other side is a great gallery opportunity. I find it difficult explaining to people what it is that I make, I think my items are very visual, you really need to see them to understand what my style is. It's great to be able to get 10 images without having to pay extra.
I did end up paying a little bit more for the rounded corners, because I think it makes the cards different, and fits in with my cute aesthetic.
Overall the paper quality is excellent, the cards are gorgeously smooth and the image quality is clear (excuse my slightly poor quality photography of these, the photos really don't do them justice).
The only thing that is slightly off are the colours not being as saturated as they are on my computer, and that could be my error due to the file type I provided.

Matte MiniCards MiniCards packaging
I found the idea of the MiniCards to be an adorable one, half the size of a regular business card but perhaps just as much impact. I could see these being used as clothing tags, bookmarks and all sorts of other useful things. The packaging is similar to that of the standard business cards, keeping everything safe.

Moo MiniCards
I chose 16 images to use for these cards, the quality is very much on par with their standard cards. The smallest pack of the MiniCards is 100 vs 50 standard cards for the same price, essentially you get double the quantity for your money, just half the size.

StickerBooks Stickerbook
I've wanted to get some stickers printed for my store packaging for a while now, and when I noticed Moo offered StickerBooks costing £5.15 with 90 stickers I decided to order two to top up my ever dwindling homemade printed sticker supply.
The book cover is a thick 350gsm paper stock, more than adept to protect your new shiny glossy stickers. Stickerbook
The quality of the print and look of the glossy vinyl is gorgeous. I've added a 10 pence piece here for scale, as you can see they are quite small, but I found the print to be very smooth and the colours true to the images I provided. Not a fault found in the two packs.

Greeting Cards Greeting Cards
One thing I was especially excited to receive were the greeting cards. I couldn't find many reviews online that spoke of the quality of them, and was at first hesitant to order any because of their quite high price compared to other printing companies.
The one thing that swayed me was once again their ability to print as many images as you'd like, and being able to get such a small run as 25. A great tester to see how well a design would sell before investing more. Greeting Cards Donut Design hannahdoodle
The greeting cards measure 4.13" x 5.82", which is a bit of an odd one as far as cards go. Luckily Moo offer add on envelopes for reasonable prices, it cost an extra 99 pence to get 25 brown envelopes with my order, but I could see sourcing your own to be a tiny problem, as well as the correct size cellophane sleeves. Greeting Cards Teacup Design hannahdoodle
The feel of the card is superb, at 340gsm they more than fit the bill for a quality card that's not going to get bent. The scoring and cut on each card was also accurate and neat.
I found the colour quality to be true to the file I provided, I ended up drawing these designs in Moo's recommended CMYK colour values, rather than the standard RGB, as I've read that this can help keep the colours accurate when printed.

I've printed cards on my standard Epson printer before, but these are 10x crisper, the colours more vivid than I could ever get them to be, and I'm very happy overall with how they turned out.

The only downside is that the price per unit is quite high, especially if you were considering doing something like wholesaling, but if you wanted to print off a small batch to sell yourself or make your own quality Christmas, Birthday or Thank You cards, this might be the way to go.

If you're interested in ordering from Moo, click here for 10% off your first order.

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